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Overworking and Chaos to Streamlined Business and Peace of Mind

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Successful Female Entrepreneur:


You started this business. Your deepest desire is to see it evolve and grow. But there is not enough time. An overwhelming inbox. A continuous flow of new customers with requests and complaints. A never ending to-do list. You're even missing important deadlines. People around you say you're always working. There is not enough time to do it all. 

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Everything seems urgent and you never have the time for what really matters to you.

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​Your partner complains that you work too much and never have time for your family. 

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​You often delegate but need to check the work so it's not much of a relief. 

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People around you expect a lot. They know they can count on you. And you don’t want to let them down!

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Going on vacation means worrying about what's happening while you're away.  

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You seem to be working all the time but your to-do-lists never end. 

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​You feel that your pace of work isn't sustainable but you see no way out.


But No Time For What Really Matters? 

You wanted an amazing career and here you are! So you should be happy. But there’s no time for what really matters! I will show you the way to your new organized life. How to delegate without fear. How to say no without guilt because your priorities are clear! How to set and protect your boundaries because you know what you want and how to get it! How to build your highly productive team so that you can finally feel at peace when off work. How to get more time for focusing on what really really matters!

I coach in English, Italian and Swedish. 


Become a Productivity Pro and 
Grow Your Business Sustainably

Here's How to Get There



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You and your business are unique and so are your priorities in life. This is why I have one-on-one sessions in all my programs to ensure you are clear on your priorities and goals.




Most women have limiting beliefs around saying no. You’ll discover yours, decide which ones to get rid of and kick-off the change journey together. 

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Time is power! We’ll look into the main tools that will really make a shift in your life. I’ve seen hundreds of women apply them with amazing results. 


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Someone else to carry out an important task for you? That is fearful to many women. We’ll dig into effective delegation technique to ease your fear.  


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We'll look at what competencies you need and how to get them onboard. For your specific case we will start building your high performing team to enable continuous growth.


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You'll learn how to train your brain to make it easier to reach your goals. To identify the limiting beliefs that block you and how to overcome them to take massive action vs your goal. 


Hear What Some Of My Clients Are Saying About Their Experience

"Amazing! Thank you!"

"Linnea is a great listener and knows how to create a safe environment. With her powerful questions I identified my limiting beliefs and now know how to go for the things that I want in life!"

Lauren Rodgers, Czech Republic


"Finally Got Clarity!"

"Linnea gave me clarity on what I need to focus on: identifying as someone who has an active lifestyle, not just wishing to have it. Highly recommended!"

Rachael Guajardo Soares, US


"Easily Reached All My Goals!" 

"Linnea made me not only reach the goals that we set together but also goals that I would never imagined to reach! I definitely recommend working with Linnea!" 

Maria Rosaria De Gennaro, Italy


My Coaching Programs all include three main parts: 

In Get Organized & Set Boundaries we look at how you manage your work, time and energy today and which of the latest methods will help you to skyrocket your productivity. How to protect your time and handle unexpected events.

In Delegate & Build Your Team we dig into where YOU add most value to your business, what delegation suits you and how to effectively manage work within a high performing team. 

Your Vision & Inspired Action is all about having a clear vision for your future self and getting support to work through any obstacle on your way there. Through self-coaching and mindset work you'll enable massive action to reach your goals. 

Do you want me to help take control over your time and your life in 90 days and finally get the business you deserve?

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Join Me To Make It Reality

Life in your new organized world is simply wonderful! I made this journey myself and I’m passionate about helping others. Come join me! If you are ready this is what you get:

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Clarity on your priorities to make it easy for you to protect your time and say no without guilt.

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​​Learn the Most Effective Time Management Tools so that you can be truly intentional about how you spend your time. 

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Continuous support on mindset tools and self-coaching since this is key to a successful change journey.  

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​Effective delegation techniques to distribute work and get high-quality outcome.

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Latest methods to Manage Work in Your High Performing Team

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​Support in setting your personal goals and continuously following-up to ensure you reach them. 

I lived decades of my life struggling just like you are, trying to do it all with no time for what really matters. If you are ready, I will guide you to build a streamlined business with a great team so that you can free up time to spend where YOU add most value!


For the last 10 years I’ve helped teams and individuals all over the world to become more productive, to continuously improve and to manage their priorities. I’m a Productivity Expert, a Certified Coach and a Project Management Professional.


When my first son was born I had a life crisis. Overnight I went from being a successful project manager with teams distributed in several countries to being a full-time mom. The doctors suspected my new-born had a serious illness: for sure he was highly sensitive! I went from sleeping in silent luxury hotel rooms to two years of sleepless nights on the floor or couch or wherever my highly sensitive child would fall asleep for a couple of hours. I went from having my meals in exclusive business launches to never having a proper meal because he would scream for my attention 24/7. My journey in managing my time and setting boundaries started with saying No to my own baby boy. I had to let go of many limiting beliefs to survive those hard years. What I learned in my Corporate Career and my personal life is what I now teach. It has made an enormous impact in so many of my clients lives!


I help successful female entrepreneurs take back control over their time so they can create the businesses and lives they want. Come join me! You definitely deserve it!

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Are you ready to take control of your time? Take back what you had before your life became everyone else’s life?

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​Ready to build a high performing team so you can step away whenever you want?

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Are you ready to protect your boundaries to get time for growing your business and enjoying life?

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Ready to not be present in your business all of the time? 

If this sounds like you, apply now and 
let's make sure that this is the right fit for you!

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Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps

Click any "apply now" button on this page, pick a time that suits you for a free call with me and answer a few short questions. 

Step 1


Get prepared for our call. We'll dig into where you are today and where you'd like to be in 90 days, to see if we're a good fit.

Step 2


As soon as you join you'll get the resources and support to set you off to a successful start of our time together!

Step 3




Hear What Some Of My Clients Are Saying About Their Experience


"This Hit Home For Me!"

"Linnea asked just the right questions to help me get to the core of the issue. By truly listening she found angles that really hit home. Linnea combined this listening and analyzing approach with a firm hand finding structure and a clear plan to go forward. Highly recommended!"

Emelie Andén, Sweden


"So Grateful For This!"

"I went from stuck to taking massive action. Linnea’s questions made me think deep and I reached totally new insights. She is great listener and truly cares, I trusted her from the first moment. I highly recommend working with Linnea, feels like she was born to be a coach!"

Tea Aldrovandi, Italy


"Clarity On My Priorities!"

"Linnea is a wonderful person! Before taking on coaching with her I wasn’t clear on my priorities in life. Linnea listened to me on a deep level and asked the right questions. I now have clarity on my priorities and the actions I need to take. Highly recommended!"

Silvia Baschirotto, Italy


Do you want me to help get this amazing result and finally live the life you deserve?

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The best time to plant a tree was 40 years ago. The second best time is today. Now is the moment to start living the life YOU deserve. Control. Relief. Empowerment. Peace of mind.

If you are ready, click below and let's talk about how to start this journey. The new productive you. Focus on what really matters. Start living the life you were meant to live!

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